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Equestrian Money Saving Tips

Owning a horse is expensive and it's easy to lose track of how much you are spending. Use this page to share your money saving tips for owning and riding horses.

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Karon from USA

03/01/17 06:29

Keep water warm.Build a wooden box around your trough, leaving a hole in the

leaving a hole in the top just large enough for a horse to drink. Leave a 10 by 10" hole in the SIDE of the box, which has a plexi-glass or thick plastic window. Put the trough window facing the sunrise or sunset if possible. You've made a solar trough. You may cover the top drinking hole with a floating cooler lid, which they can move with their muzzle! Get a cheap cooler at a thrift store. Put damp hay or poop around trough as an extra insulator.

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Cheap but effective hoof cleaner / disinfectant / soak prevent thrush.

Dilute Milton (the stuff you use to clean baby equipment) and spray / clean or soak hooves. Very good to treat or prevent hoof thrush, infections etc. I use this through the winter most days and it works a treat. VERY cheap too! Much cheaper than equestrian products.

Sue from Salisbury

16/10/15 17:46

No more expensive horse shampoo

Surcare sensitive washing up liquid, a tiny drop in a bucket of water to wash of sweat marks or a full wash down, doesn't irritate, no need to keep rinsing off and leaves the coat with a great shine. Price £0.90p to around £1.25, lasts for ages as you use so little. Try it our whole yard uses it 😉

Robin from The Index

06/10/15 06:27

Student card for horse people! The Essentials Club

The Essentials Card gives you discounts on everything you buy every time you buy it. Feed bedding insurance worm counts clothing boots supplements. You name it, the card can get it cheaper!

emily from norfolk

11/08/14 15:01


We all have those cardboard boxes lying around the house,but instead of throwing them out we can use them for our horses!. chopped cardboard is great for horses because it contains no dust so is great for horses with respiratory problems, it is soft and comfortable for your horse and finally it is absolutely free and is also a form of recycling,i have also used chopped cardboard for the bedding of my chickens and rabbits they love it too! WHAT TO DO: Grab several cardboard boxes and scissors(or you can just use your hands). Chop the cardboard into rectangles or squares,try not to chop them too small other wise they wont support the horse when he is lying down. HOPE YOUR ANIMALS ENJOY THERE NEW BEDDING!!!!! HOPE THIS HELPS!!!!

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