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Popular Equestrian Brands

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  • Helping horses since 1892

  • Supplements & horse care products

Reviews & News

  • Chosen by riders in 31 countries

  • 100% British in-house manufacture

Reviews & News

  • Performance rider footwear

Reviews & News

  • Consistent formulations

  • Outstanding digestibility

  • Use many locally sourced ingredients

Baileys Horse Feed
Reviews & News

  • Easy-Change Gullet System

  • Elastiflex Trees

  • CAIR Panel System

Reviews & News

  • Dust free natural bedding

  • Cost effective

  • Maximum comfort and drainage

Reviews & News

  • 95% customer notice an improvement

  • Save with Blue Chip loyalty card

Blue Chip
Reviews & News

Blue Ribbon Horse Bedding

Blue Ribbon Horse Bedding
Reviews & News

  • Natural organic products

  • Fun brand for kids

Childs Farm
Reviews & News

  • Europe's leading horse feed manufacturer

  • 24/7 help & advice

  • Royal Warrant of Appointment

Dodson & Horrell
Reviews & News

  • Quality rider wear

  • Popular and stylish

Reviews & News

  • Wide range of hoof boots

  • Suitable for different shapes and sizes

EasyCare Inc
Reviews & News

  • Core strength, balance, flexibility and stamina

  • Hologram technology

  • 30 day money back guarantee

Reviews & News

  • No 1 Horse Body Wash

  • Green, Safe, Easy and it works

Ezall UK Ltd
Reviews & News

  • Free UK delivery

  • In business for over 20 years

  • Our trained staff are available for advice to give advice

Reviews & News

  • Unique comfortable products

  • Customer Loyalty Scheme

Fuller Fillies
Reviews & News

  • Providing saddles since 1983

Reviews & News

  • Benefits the horse's teeth and physique

  • Provides healthier trickle grazing for a happy horse

  • Lockable rim to secure feeding grill

Reviews & News

Hemp Technology Ltd

Hemp Technology Ltd
Reviews & News

  • Equine compression suits

Reviews & News

  • A safer mobile horse shelter

  • Withstands 80mph gusts of winds

  • Rain & snow simply slides off

Horse Arc
Reviews & News

  • The original dust free forage

  • Official supplier to the Team GBR 2012

  • Mollichaff & Alfalfa products.

Reviews & News

  • Rambo Turnout Rugs

  • Rhino Stable Rugs

  • + Clothing and accessories

Horseware Ireland
Reviews & News

  • Low moisture content

  • Helps to maintain your horses health

  • Relieves boredom when stabled

Reviews & News

  • Renowned for quality and reliability.

  • Since 1820

Reviews & News

  • Practical, wholesome and stylish

  • Joules always turns heads and wins heart

Reviews & News

  • Cool-Heat Rugs

  • Pee Wee Bits

Macs Equine
Reviews & News

  • Unique products!

  • Products that actually work!

  • Young and dedicated team!

Reviews & News

  • Popular due to their design, durability and quality.

Mountain Horse
Reviews & News

  • CarrotExpress & AppleExpress

  • Easy to store, no wastage

  • Long shelf life

My Day Feeds Ltd
Reviews & News

  • UK's best known supplements brand

  • Free advice line

  • 25 years experience

Reviews & News

  • Stop wasted horse food

  • Reduce mess

Non Tip Feeder
Reviews & News

Parell Products Ltd

Parell Products Ltd
Reviews & News

  • A leading brand

  • Used by top professional riders

Premier Equine
Reviews & News


Reviews & News

  • A leading equestrian brand

  • Over 40 years experience

  • Wide product range

Reviews & News

  • Market leader and innovator for show preparation

  • Make in Britain

Supreme Products
Reviews & News

  • Own many well known brands

  • Comfort Zone, FAL PRO, Loveson, SSG Gloves, Tagg, Funnell, Polly

Reviews & News

  • Rugs made in the UK

  • Advanced wicking fabrics

Reviews & News

  • Bright colours with a playful design

Reviews & News

  • No artificial chemicals

  • Approved by Organic Farmers

  • Recieved numerous awards

Reviews & News

  • World leading equestrian brand

Reviews & News

  • The world's #1 for synthetic saddles

  • Lightweight, weatherproof

  • Easy to care for

Reviews & News

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