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Believe it or not some things in life can come for free,
and thats great news for horse owners.

Whether you own a horse or ride someone elses the free items listed below could save you some money.

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Free products & discounts

Join our tried & tested panel to road test products and services and even do some mystery shopping in tack shops. Simply complete a profile for you and your horse for a chance of being selected for an appropriate product test.

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Money saving tips

With so much to buy for your horse and yourself, its no wonder that riders have come up with lots of ways to save themselves money. We quiz our friends and members to see how they save money and then share the top tips with you.

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Horse whisperer offers services for free

Get free help with your horse from a Horse Whisperer.
Alan offers his services free of charge to any horse owner who feels they need to understand and communicate better with their horse or pony.

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Libby Sinden from Equine Wellness Magazine

21/12/16 21:20

Get a FREE ISSUE of North America’s #1 Natural Health Magazine for Horses! Equine Wellness appeals to everyone from backyard enthusiasts to serious competitors. Each issue celebrates the bond we share and highlights the products and services that help us give horses a longer, better quality of life.

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