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Ride-Away saddlery and country clothing - supplying every equestrian need of the horse, rider, stable and paddock.

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Phil from Warwickshire

13/07/17 13:18


I ordered a stable door grill from them. Their website stated it was in stock. I paid for it including p+p. Five days later they contact me saying it's out of stock & could they search for an alternative item? How are they going to find an alternate item for a grill?? They billed me when I bought the grill, they took 5 days to tell me they hadn't got one & they still haven't refunded me the money so I can purchase it from elsewhere.

Moral of the story, don't believe their website when they say they have it in stock because it's probably untrue. Don't expect your money to be refunded immediately because it doesn't happen, I'm still waiting for my refund! Also use another website to buy from because you can't trust this one!

Sue from Oxford

29/11/13 21:27


Placed order for 3 items which all showed as being in stock. The first 2 items took over 3 weeks to arrive. After a further week, I got a call saying that Ride-Away had been sent the 3rd item from their stockist but in a different colour - did I want it as it would take another 2-3 weeks to get it the correct colour in for me. This was despite the item showing on their website as being in stock at the time of order and at time this conversation. An unreliable online system and poor customer service. Cannot recommend them.

gardenbirds from York

29/05/13 13:34


Very helpful staff who had the knowledge I needed to make an informed purchase.

Dawn from Somerset

08/05/13 22:10


Have used Rideaway several times and been pleased with efficient service and good prices.

Kate from Cambs

07/05/13 11:39


Have ordered from them a number of times. Great selection of items and always arrives quickly and as described. Great prices too!

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