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Welcome to the tried and tested section of Equine Compare.

We will be showcasing products and services and giving our panel members the opportunity to test them out and provide feedback for you.

Our panel members are everyday real horse owners just like you.

Hoof Stand
by Patrick Finnegan (PFENI)

An innovative hoof stand that helps you deal with your horses hooves.

Tested by 3 people

Listed: 6/2/2014

Flaxcore -
highly absorbent bedding

Horse bedding made from the softened stem of the flax plant.

Tested by 1 person

Listed: 16/03/13

Magic Brush Grooming Set

Multi-purpose brush that massages while it cleans

Tested by 6 people

Listed: 09/07/2012

Childs Farm Gift Boxes

Organic toiletries for children who love horses or getting muddy

Tested by 10 people

Listed: 29/04/2012

Pet Hair Remover

Get rid of horse hair from rugs, girths and clothes

Tested by 6 people

Listed: 12/03/2012

Sound Schooling

Audio lessons for horse riders

Tested by 3 people

Listed: 18/10/2011

Apple Express &
Carrot Express

A convenient way to feed your horse apples & carrots

Tested by 14 people

Listed: 5/10/2011

AppleCalm & CarrotCalm

A tasty way to relax your horse

Tested by 3 people

Listed: 8/09/2011

Equibalance Band

Improve your core strength balance and stamina

Tested by 3 people

Listed: 19/8/2011

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