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We have 20 bales of Flaxcore for one tester to try. This is adequate for a new bed to be created for a 12ft x 12ft size stable and for the tester to top up their bed as and when required.

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Around £7 per bale Flaxcore

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from hemptechnology

Flaxcore - highly absorbent bedding

Flaxcore is made from the straw of the Flax plant, which once processed, provides a highly absorbent and dust free horse bedding.

Flaxcore is:
Naturally HealthyWarm and comfortableComposts quicklyDust extractedHighly absorbentLabour saving

Flaxcore is treated with Citronella and comes in 20kg bales

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Flaxcore reviews

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Aimme from Barnsley

05/05/13 18:39

3 files

Barney needs to be monitored when he experiences a change of environment / bedding as can suffer allergic / dust allergies that can affect his breathing which can be controlled by Ventopolin prescribed by vet. He is a horse of very nervous disposition and very rarely lays down – or that you catch him laid down. He is a very mucky and wet horse and has been tried on shavings and straw beddings with no luck – on average costs around £15-20 per week in bedding alone.

Day 1, see [attachment 1]
Positively surprised at how little it took to put a full 'deep litter' bed down in the stable. Smells brilliant and looks great, fantastic to stand on very bouncy and soft under foot. No dust at all when spreading. Will have to keep an eye on Barney for first few days due to breathing. 5 bags to put down a deep litter bed of a decent size, very easy to bed down too with minimum effort and nothing stuck to your clothes / boots.

Day 2 – 10, see [attachment 2]
Fantastic! The horse has showed absolutely no signs of distress with his breathing and has had no medication – excellent!! It also still smells lovely. Walked it around quite a lot in the first few days but as days go on it is certainly setting. Sets nicely and still looks clean, and still smells nice. Only skipping out the dirty – and its still holding fantastic. Very absorbent and so far easy to muck out with a metal shavings fork as it sets quite solid but still bouncy. Very easily managed, does not fall through your brush like shavings and is easily swept.

Day 10 - 20, see [attachment 3]
Still highly impressed – so impressed I've had to recommend it to everyone I know. One bag certainly goes a long way – have only put down an extra 2 bags since I first set the bed down. It is still relatively clean looking. It is also super absorbent. The bed is now firmly set and now very easy to muck out and sweep. Have also caught my horse laid down a number of times, so he clearly approves. Very easy to brush off horse and rug – Has found as it has set the stable stains are less occurring and it is easy to clean / brush off. Not at all dusty, and still smells nice. Very impressed by how absorbent it is.

Bed is now 15cm deep and very happy with it. Very easy to muck out. Only problem is hay getting caught up in it but picked out by hand. Defiantly need a metal shaving fork to work best as can clump together.

Day 20+
Still only using one bag a week to place over what has been mucked out. Still extremely happy. Horse has experienced a wound in girth region due to medical treatment which is left open – bedding does not stick to it and comes away easy which is a bonus. Slight discolouration but overall still looks acceptably clean – and no smells of ammonia yet which is very surprising. Still smells and looks very clean. Still very surprised at how one bag goes a long way. Very impressed – started new horse on the same bedding and same results. Much easier to muck out than shavings, and so much more absorbent! Mucked out within half the time with no mess. So easy to separate the dirty and wet.

Review Overview
A very highly recommended bedding which is very suited to my horse who suffers from allergies and dust resulting in difficulty in breathing / closed airways. No medication needed to open air ways using this bedding which means there is little or no dust in this bedding. Fantastic! Having such a wet and mucky horse this bedding is an absolute god send! Since using Flaxcore I no longer have to lay down a new bed every day which was time and money consuming now I am able to muck out and keep it clean within minutes, it is so very easy to separate the wet and the mucky. After the first week once the bedding has set you get little walked around which means it’s not walked down the stable block such as with straw. Using on average one bag of bedding per week on top of the original deep litter I set down using 5 bags. Smells brilliant, and continues to smell brilliant. No smell or scent of ammonia, and keeps a decent clean colouring even after weeks of use. Highly absorbent and very easy to muck out. Easy to manage as does not fall through brush or stick to floor / surfaces. Very easy to clean off rugs and horse does not stick like shavings do. Hardly any stable stains which is brilliant!! Cannot recommend this bedding enough – will continue to use it for all of my horses. Altogether very happy with Flaxcore bedding, excellent and very economic. One bag goes a long way. Brilliant, a must have bedding!!

If you have a 'wet' horse I would recommend giving Flaxcore a try. First it smells really nice when you first lay it. When I have used shavings and straw in the past, my horse's stable would be very wet and smelly in the mornings. I was pleasantly surprised to find a dry, lovely smelling stable the next morning! I couldn't even see the wet patches! I have since left it as a deep bed, just picking up droppings wearing marigolds and then sprinkling a few handfuls over any wet patches. My husband has also commented that I don't smell of ammonia when I come home from the yard like I used to, so it must be good! It has only just started to need the wet taking out after over two weeks of having my rather wet warmblood in every night. Its costing me less and saves me heaps of time. I'm going to stick with it.

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