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Easy and low cost tack care

Looking after your tack will make it last longer and save you money. Here are out top tips for tack care.

Go synthetic

Synthetic bridles and saddles are very easy to keep clean. Most synthetic bridles can be washed in the washing machine which saves time. Synthetic saddles are also very easy to keep clean, simply wipe over with a baby wipe or damp cloth. Synthetic tack is very handy for those winter months when everything gets muddy and it is also cheaper to buy than leather.

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Get into a routine

Keep on top of tack cleaning by wiping the saddle and bridle over with a clean rag after every ride. This will help save time and keep your tack in good condition which saves you from having to buy replacement tack.

Raid the bathroom cabinet

Use toothpaste to clean your white stirrup treads and the stainless steel parts of your tack, comes up a treat!

Clean those nooks and crannies of your tack with an old electric toothbrush, saves time and elbow grease!

Rusty tack

If parts of your tack have started to rust, soak them in a bowl of vinegar for a few days or until the rust has dissolved. Do make sure you rinse them off thoroughly, your horse won’t appreciate a vinegar flavoured bit.

Mouldy leather

Use white vinegar to remove and kill mould from leather and give it a deep clean. However do rinse thoroughly!

Condition to preserve

Use a good leather conditioner once a week to help clean, preserve and soften leather.

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