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Save money on horse bedding & livery

These are our top 5 tips on how to save money on keeping your horse.

1) If your horse is on a straw bed and tends to eat the straw, try spraying the straw with vinegar.

2) If you horse is on a bed of shavings, make sure you don't waste shavings when you muck out. Use rubber gloves to pick put droppings from the bed then fork up the bedding to the sides so that the rest of the droppings roll down. You can then remove the droppings and wet bedding from the stable floor and pull down the banks again. You may need to top the bedding up with new shavings but you shouldn't need a lot.

3) If you need basic equipment such as buckets, wheelbarrows, brooms etc. try going to your local DIY / hardware store. You often find these items at a cheaper price than you would from an equestrian supplier. Try the likes of 'Wilkinsons' who offer low prices on hardware.

4) Have a chat with your livery yard manager to see if you can help out around the yard in return for a discount on your livery bill. Some livery yards also offer a considerable discount if you allow your horse to be used for riding lessons. If you explore this option, do make sure that the instructors and staff carefully supervise pupils riding your horse.

5) Livery yards can be a big expense for the upkeep of your horse. Have a think about whether your horse really needs to have access to stables. Many horses live out all year round with the help of shelter and good rugs. Having your horse live out all year round will save you considerable money on livery bills. It will also save you a lot of time which would otherwise be spent mucking out, you can spend more time riding!
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