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£59 Hoof Stand

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by Patrick Finnegan - 'PFENI'

Patrick Finnegan Hoof stand

Save your back / prevent injuryA more relaxed position for horse and handlerImprove hoof health
Who is it for?
Horse owners / handlers who:
Fit studsTrain and trim youngstersStruggle to hold the foot to clean / inspect / apply treatments / apply oils

High quality materialsLong lasting, robust and low maintenanceLegs easily changed / adjusted to suit all horses and handlers heightsSelf-levelling 3 leg design for easy use on uneven surfacesEasily stored and transported in your car / lorry


Buy from PFENI

3 members of our tried & tested panel reviewed this product

Patrick Finnegan Hoof Stand reviews

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Helen from Bumpstead

30/11/14 21:15

With two barefoot horses, the maintenance chores are a breeze thanks to Paddy's stand and tools. The horses happily rest their feet on the stand and don't fidget. It takes half the time to clean feet, tidy frogs and run a rasp round. No more back ache for me and I haven't rasped my own fingers once. :-) Love it.

Paddy from Co Down

02/12/14 19:11

Thanks do much Helen , glad you are getting on well with it. Please keep in touch , I hope to be back over in Jan , Working hard to get more knives and files ready . very best regards Paddy

Elaine Simmonds from Norfolk

24/11/14 14:24

Met Paddy at an event recently and purchased stand with rasp.

Brilliant, I have been tidying my big horses feet between professional trimmers visits for some years now and these new tools have made all the difference to me.

The horses all took to the stand easily and seem to like it's low position. For me the effort was minimal with the rasp putting on a really nice roll quickly and easily.

Paddy from Co Down

30/11/14 18:18

HELLO Elaine , thank so much for your great feedback. If you can send me a picture of yourself using the stand and tools it will be a great help to me . Please keep in touch . I hope to be over quite a lot next year at the different colleges giving demos . Thanks again very best regards Paddy

Emma McClean from Malton

14/05/14 21:59

I have three barefoot ponies, and have been self trimming them for about a year now. I recently purchased on of Paddys stands and I can honestly say it is absolutely fabulous! The easiest trimming I have ever done, with a fantastic result. Highly recommend this product and a brilliant price too.

Julia Inman from Kingston Upon Hull

30/04/14 21:52

It certainly is a good stand I did all 4 feet in the time it usually takes to do one. Before I got my mare last September I don't know when she last had her feet done they were all broken off and flat footed. I try to now rasp her feet every couple of weeks as she gets awful wings and excess hoof growth if I don't. I am trying to train her feet to grow straight down without flaring.

Simon from Aberdeenshire

26/04/14 13:28

This is more of a recommendation of Patrick's tools as a whole.

I'm new to trimming, having a young Clydesdale who decided the one trimmer that would see a heavy horse had turned into a horse eating monster. As such I'm taking things very slowly with little and often.
I have the tripod with two sets of legs, one for the Clydesdale and the conventional set for 2 cobs. It is very easy to store, assemble & disassemble. Appears well made and if anything is damaged then all parts are available separately at low cost. At the moment I'm only just starting to use it so all I can say for use is that is it is light and easily manoeuvred into the right place, and back again ;)

I would also HIGHLY recommend Patrick's hand rasp. For actual trimming I use a Vallorbe rasp which is very good for controlled removal of larger amounts of hoof on a monthly trim. However for finishing that trim's Mustang Roll and for maintaining that Roll between trims Patrick's hand rasp is a fabulous tool. Very easy to handle and use with very little practice. Is making a huge amount of difference to my confidence and my horses feet.

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